What to Grow
  • The options for growing herbs are endless!
  • To make things a little easier it would be a good idea to sketch out a plan on paper.
  • The herbs can be grouped according to height and growth rate so nothing is shading each other.
  • Keep in mind height and spread attributes as some herbs like to spread out.
How to Plant
  • Herbs can be started from seed in propagation trays in your home starting in April.
  • It’s very important to read the seed package or growing tag to know exactly how much space to leave between each plant and the correct distance between.
  • This kind of information is also clearly indicated.
  • At the time of planting your started herbs, use Parkwood® Transplanter 5-15-5 to minimize transplant shock and establish strong roots.
  • Pick up your seeds at any of our Sheridan Nurseries Garden Centres.
Where to Grow
  • Most herbs need about 4 hours of sunlight per day.Watering should be done when the soil feels dry to the touch.
  • Some herbs can be kept moist such as Basil, but there are others that like to be dry between watering such as Lavender.
  • If you are planting your herbs in containers, you can water when the soil feels dry and keep them in a half day of sun.
  • If planting your herbs in the ground ensure they are away from tree roots, in well-drained soil with easy access to water.
  • Add Bonemeal or fruit and vegetable fertilizer to the top of your soil to improve the condition and fertility before you plant.