I’d like a fairly tall plant for my large front hall. It’s quite bright all day though not direct sun. What would look good without appearing skimpy?
  • Ficus remains popular for its profuse, shiny, small, oval-shaped leaves on gently arching branches. You also have the choice of a straight, braided or corkscrew trunk. There are “poodle-style” topiary ficus available as well
  • An alternative choice would be a Fiddle Leaf Fig with its large, slightly wavy leaves
  • Palms make a very tropical statement
  • Pothos are a great easy care plant with pointed heart shaped leaves available in green or variegated

*Whatever house plant you choose, keep it away from drafts and place it in an attractive container

I’m looking for unusual foliage house plants for medium light.
  • If unusual is what you’re after, Elephant Ears is a great choice with their large heart shaped leaves
  • The Umbrella Tree has shiny medium leaves that resemble umbrellas
  • Staghorn Fern is a conversation piece with its decorative leaves that resemble reindeer antlers
  • The Cast Iron plant has small, solitary purplish flowers may appear at the base of the plant
  • Rex Begonias come in dazzling foliage colours too
I’d like one unique house plant to place on my coffee table. Any suggestions?
  • A Bonsai would definitely be appropriate as they look like miniature pieces of living sculpture
  • Tropical and semi-tropical bonsai like Umbrella, Serissa, Ficus, Fukien Tea, Chinese Banyan, and Ponytail Palm are easier to care for than evergreen varieties
  • Create your own dish garden in a shallow bowl or lined basket. We also carry a wide variety of pre-made dish gardens
  • Choose from a huge variety of house plants in 10 cm (4”) pots and combine them to suit your taste
  • You can regularly change 1 or more of the house plants to match the season, for example, include a Poinsettia, Primula, Crocus, Dwarf Daffodil, Cyclamen, Geranium, or Chrysanthemum

*Be sure to place a cork mat beneath the container so the surface below won’t be scratched and moisture won’t leave a stain