How do I know when it’s time to re-pot my indoor house plant?
  • When roots completely fill the container and start to grow out the drainage holes or the root ball lifts the whole house plant above the rim, it’s definitely time
  • Another sign is when the plant is watered and it drains immediately as there is very little soil left, only roots
  • A third sign is small or abnormally shaped leaves caused by severe root compaction
  • If in doubt, firmly grasp the base of the house plant and lift it straight out of the pot to examine the root system for denseness
What type of hanging basket would survive in low light?
  • White Butterfly or Arrowhead Vine would be attractive with its variegated light green and darker green, arrow-shaped leaves
  • Pothos is remarkably hardy and very easy to grow, in fact, it can develop such long, trailing branches, and it can be trained around a window. Pothos has a green and yellow, heart- shaped leaf that brightens up any dim corner and it cleans the air at the same time according to NASA
  • Grape Ivy is also tough and distinctive with its dark green, tri-lobed, glossy foliage

*Any time Pothos or Grape Ivy gets too long give it a good trim and root the cuttings for new plants

I’d like to place some house plants on shelves under a window but it’s not the best light. Can you make any suggestions?
  • Warneckii Dracaena is a strong performer with bright green leaves and white stripes and it’s an air purifier too
  • A more compact choice is the Wallisii Peace Lily that only grows 30-45 cm tall and is just the right size on your low shelves
  • Snake Plants are strikingly different with thick, slightly undulating, upright leaves.
Is there one house plant that is utterly dependable for low light and doesn’t require much maintenance?
  • The Philodendron group fits the bill perfectly. Heart-leaf Philodendron, for example, has a heart-shaped leaf and is considered a vine so it can be used in a hanging basket, trained up a bark slab, or in a container where the long branches can be allowed to trail
  • Cut-leaf Philodendron has large, dark green, very deeply lobed leaves and can become quite a statuesque-sized plant