Decorative Container Collection

Violet Supreme

The beautiful African Violet is renowned for being a truly 'perfect' house plant. If kept in good condition this plant will bloom almost continously. The vibrant contrast between the dark green foliage and white, blue, pink and purple flowers combined with a fabulous ceramic container, will offer a stylish arrangement for your home.

  • Plant: 4" African Violet
  • Container: 11-13cm ceramic pot

Blooming Beauty

Find fragrance and beauty for your indoor space with our selection of flowering houseplants. These blooming 4" beauties are the perfect ingredient in this decorative container recipe.

  • Plant: 4" Flowering Plant 
  • Container: 11-13cm ceramic pot

Fiery Foliage

A perfect home decor addition or gift suggestion, our Fiery Foliage recipes offer a modern twist on normal house plant designs. Don't forget house plants also offers unquestionable health benefits for you and your family.

  • Plant: 4" Foliage 
  • Container: 11-13cm ceramic pot

Tropical Flare

If you liked our Fiery Foliage recipe choices, then we are sure you will love this upscaled version of the recipe. Combining the same modern plant designs, this recipes features a 6" foliage plant that will add that additional impact to each season and occasion.

  • Plant: 6" Foliage
  • Container: 17-23cm ceramic

Leading Lady

One of the most popular flowers, next only to the rose, the Chrysanthemum offers cheerfully bright flowers atop dark green foliage. Try our Leading Lady recipe in your home for an easy-to-maintain, pleasant and reliable bloomer.

  • Plant: 6" Indoor Chrysanthemum
  • Container: 17-23cm

Green Giant

Make a real statement in your home by combining one of our lush 10" tropical house plants with a beautifully textured ceramic container. Accented with a dense textured moss, this recipe will really help create a natural feel in your home.

  • Plant: 10" Foliage 
  • Container: 26-30cm ceramic pot *not exactly as shown

Hawaiian Beauty

Create a tropical paradise in your indoor space this winter with this fabulous Hawaiian Beauty. The Hibiscus is a prolific bloomer and loves the sun, so once winter is over, it will be ready to enjoy the sunny outdoors come next spring. Available in many beautiful colours.

  • Plant: 6" Hibiscus
  • Container: 17 - 23cm ceramic pot

Saxon Orchid

This unique arrangement will not only offer long-lasting graceful blooms, its lovely colour perfectly complements our unique range of ceramic Saxon pots. Its flat flowers appear along an elegant arching stem and look just like hovering moths or delicate butterflies, hence the nickname “moth” Orchids.

  • Plant: Phaleanopsis Orchid
  • Container: 19.5cm Saxon pot